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My Video Production and Reporting Reel

This reel showcases the best of my work as an on-camera reporter, camera operator, and video editor. The reel features clips of news packages, feature stories, and advertisements for WAMU 88.5 FM, NBC4 Washington, American University School of Communication, and ATV News.

News Packages

MWAA Previews New Silver Line Stations

WAMU 88.5 FM – September 27, 2013

WAMU 88.5 Transportation Reporter Martin Di Caro reports on the status of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. The video shows off one of the new Metro Silver Line stations being built in Tysons Corner, VA as seen during an exclusive press tour.

I collaborated with Di Caro on this report. I filmed and edited this video report, which has received over 2,500 views.

Ben’s Chili Bowl Celebrates 55 Years in Business

WAMU 88.5 FM – August 22, 2013

Mayor Vincent Gray declares Ben’s Chili Bowl Day on the 55th anniversary of the historic U Street institution. Kamal and Nizam Ali, sons of founder Ben Ali, comment on the significance of the anniversary.

I filmed this video solo and edited it on a same-day turnaround for WAMU’s report on the event.

Legacy of Notable Alumni at Dunbar High School

WAMU’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show – August 20, 2013

Dunbar High alums Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (Class of ’55) and D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray (Class of ’59) share their memories of attending the famed school. They reflect on the education they received at Dunbar and how the experience shaped their future careers. Principal Stephen Jackson shares his perspective on the history and future of Dunbar.

I filmed the video and interviews, and edited the report, in collaboration with Kojo Nnamdi Show Producer Michael Martinez.

AU Students to Vote on Student Association Referendum

ATV News – February 10, 2013

My in-depth report investigating the referendum to replace the AU Student Government with a new Student Association. The report focuses on the lead campaigns supporting and opposing the referendum, and how the SG’s rules and politics have impeded this attempt at organizational reform.

I conducted the interviews, filmed, wrote, and edited this report for ATV News.

Student Organizations Offer Conflicting Proposals to Campus Debate On University Budget

ATV News – December 4, 2012

My in-depth report on the ongoing campus debate between student organizations and the administration over the university budget and potential increases in tuition. The Student Government’s proposal on the tuition discount rate, CAUS’ insistence on a tuition freeze, and the administration’s response to student concerns are all covered in this comprehensive report.

I conducted the interviews, filmed, wrote, and edited this report for ATV News. This report was viewed over 450 times by AU students within the week it was published.

Student Government Proposes Structural Reform

ATV News – September 30, 2012

My report covering the Student Government’s proposal to reform its organizational structure, through a new constitution to form a Student Association.

I conducted the interviews, wrote, and edited this report for ATV News, collaborating with ATV News Reporter Ellyse Stauffer.

Video Production Projects

Communicating the 2012 New Hampshire Primary

AU School of Communication – January-April 2012

The official documentary of American University’s “Communicating the Presidential Election” class on its trip to Manchester, NH ahead of the 2012 New Hampshire primary. During the trip, a group of 34 SOC and SPA students reported on the many events happening in the state, including political rallies, campaign events, the Occupy movement, and exit polling on election day.
I led the writing and editing of this group documentary video project.
Awards: Winner, Best Documentary – 2012 College Broadcasters, Inc. National Student Production Awards

Short-Form Advertisements

Honestly You Promo

Class Project – April 10, 2013

This is a mock-up promo video I directed and edited as part of a group project for class, depicting an idea for a promotional effort for Honest Tea. The idea was to have random people try a new flavor of Honest Tea for the first time and share their “HONEST Opinion” on-camera. We presented this video to executives from Honest Tea as part of a comprehensive strategic PR plan.
DISCLAIMER: This is a concept video, not an actual Honest Tea video, nor is it a legitimate Honest Tea-endorsed campaign.

AU Methodists Ad

AU United Methodist-Protestant Community – August 12, 2012

This is an advertisement for the American University United Methodist Student Association that I filmed and edited in Spring/Summer 2012.

News4 at 5 – Vinyl Promo

NBC4 Washington – March 10, 2011

In March 2011, while on a job-shadowing visit to NBC4 Washington, I had the opportunity to personally write and edit this 15-second promo advertisement for a story on News4, which NBC4 used on air.

Documents and Writing Samples

Columns and Op-Eds

April 2013: Op/Ed: Student-drafted report pushes for reorganized student activity fee
February 2013: Letter to the editor: Student Media Board is a solution for The Eagle, not a punishment
April 2012: Instant runoff vote would improve SG elections

Organizational Reports and Documents

June 2013: ATV Strategic Plan
June 2013: ATV-HD Project Executive Summary
April 2013: AU Student Government Board of Elections – Spring 2013 Election Report
April 2013: AU Student Activity Fee Study Committee – Report and Recommendations
February 2013: American Television (ATV) Constitution
April 2012: AU Student Media Board Constitution